Getting to Know Neighbours

Owning BYH can become a community building activity. Many Winnipeg residents boast about how they have become better connected to their community simply by keeping BYH. Some report feeling less isolated and believe that if they were in trouble or needed assistance, they could now call on neighbours to help out – people they did not know prior to keeping hens:

“We have met close to 15 neighbours from in and around our area. Most of those people would walk by, but we never talked – we didn’t have a reason to! Now we do, and it’s lovely to get to know one another, and to see how much they enjoy seeing our girls.”
(Winnipeg BYH keeper, 2012)

“The neighbours come by to see the hens on their way to and from work, and on walks in the evening. Some even come by to sit, watch the hens and visit on weekends. It’s great! They are such conversation starters – we never would have met some of these folks otherwise.” (Winnipeg BYH keeper, 2012)

“It’s fun watching neighbours getting to know each other, too. They both just happen to come by the coop at the same time, and they start chit-chatting away. Then you see them chatting again when they walk by each other a couple days later. It feels really nice. This is a rough area and so people tend to keep to themselves, so it feels nice to see, you know, that sort of thing can happen here.”
(Winnipeg BYH keeper, 2012)